Important Dates
  • Deadline for Early Bird Registration: August 1, 2017
  • Deadline for Regular Registration: October 20, 2017
  • Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: October 20, 2017
Registration Fees

Early Registration      800  RMB 1600  RMB 2400  RMB
Regular Registration      1000  RMB 1800  RMB 2600  RMB
Onsite Registration      2000  RMB
3000  RMB
What is included in your registration fee?
> Access to every session during the conference dates
> Lunches and coffee break during the conference dates
What is not included in your registration fee?
> Your accommodation
> Your transportation
> Your insurance

Instruction for payment

Your registration will be perfected upon the payment of the fee. The following methods of payment are available.

    Online payment >>>

Credit/Debit card online payment.

The following circuits are accepted: Unionpay-VISA-Mastercard.  

After the payment, you will receive an automatic email confirming the payment.

    Bank transfer >>>

If you choose this method, an email will sent to you with the detailed payment instruction. After the payment, please send a copy of receipt of the transfer to to complete the procedure.

    Onsite payment >>>
On site payment. After October the 20th, online registration will no longer be allowed. It will still be possible to register directly on site by paying a fee of 2000 RMB (3000 RMB for Industry)

Click here to procede to registration and login page.

Posters Information

Instructions for Abstracts

Please compile your abstract according to the following scheme.

Please use Calibri font for typing the abstract. MS word files (.doc, or .docx) are preferred.

Title: Max 250 characters.Font size 14

Author list: Use the first letter for the authors’ names (e.g. J.D. Watson) and underline the name of the person presenting the poster. Font size 12

Affiliation: Use uppercase letters in case of multiple affiliation (e.g. J.D. Watsona,b,c,d)

Abstract: Max 250 words. Font size 12. Please use Justify option in the paragraph menu.

References: Ifyou need to include references, please use numbers inside squared brackets to include the references (e.g [1], [2,3],[4-7]). Font size 10.

Pictures: You can add one picture if necessary (please include it in png format).

We highly recommend you to edit the abstract based on the Template.

Instructions for Posters

We recommend that the printed poster should be prepared in Vertical Layout with the size of A0 ( or Height: 1200 mm, Width: 900 mm ).

The Poster Presentation Session will be held in November 14, 14:50-17:00 and November 15, 15:30-16:40. The details can be found in Program Page.

Practical Information


Attendees are suggested to apply for tourist visa for the entry to China. We may offer you the formal invitation letter, you may need for your visa application. Please contact for help. 


November is a very agreeable months in Shanghai. The daily high will be about 20 degrees Celsius. You may get the latest weather information by clicking here


The local time is Beijing Time (GMT + 8 hours). Business hours are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and office hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

220V, 50Hz


RenMinBi (RMB) is the official currency in China. Current exchange rates are approximately: 1 USD = 6.88 CNY;

1 EUR = 7.47 CNY. For more exchange rates between RMB and other currencies, please go to: Currency


Shanghai Da Zhong Taxi - Tel: +86 96822

Shanghai Qiang Sheng Taxi - Tel: +86 62580000


Inquiry: 114

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Medical Emergency: 120


Please visit


Shanghai offers a big choice of accommodation types from boutique and star-rated hotels to budget hotels and serviced apartments to suit all budgets and needs.

Here we recommend to attendees three hotels, which locate very closely to ShanghaiTech University.

(View Large Map)

Shanghai Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Address: No. 1136 Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China
Parkyard Hotel

Address: No. 699 Bibo Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China
Mercure Hotel
(Original name - Pudong International Telent City Hotel)

Address: No. 1500 Keyuan Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China


Public transportation is an efficient way to reach the conference venue and the city center. If you arrive in one of the Airports of Station (View Large Map) you can choose to take taxi or metro.

1. Taxi

Fees are charged according to the on-cat-meter. Fares should be paid in RMB cash. Most taxi drivers cannot speak or understand English, so prepare the address of your hotel in Chinese in advance. You candownload the address of recommend hotels above.

The table below shows the approximate distances and fares for transportation from different starting points to the venue:

Destination Starting Points Approximate Distance (Km) Approximate Fare (RMB Yuan)
ShanghaiTech University
Pudong International Airport
27 100
Hongqiao International Airport
40 150
Hongqiao Railway Station
40 150
Shanghai Railway Station
27 100
Shanghai South Railway Station
27 100

Tips: Please remember only to take legal taxi with recognized logos/tags/paints in Shanghai.

2. Metro

The Shanghai Metro is the fastest and most convenient means of transportation in Shanghai. It servers most of the major local points of interest within the city.

The Metro Map in Shanghai is showed below (View Large Map), and we also marked out some important stations that connected to the airports and railway stations.

Tips: 1. Each line has two trains running in opposite direction the same time, please pay attention to the forward direction. The stations which are already passed were painted in Gray.

2. Please pay attention to the Timetable of the First & Last Train.

3. Useful Links:

Shanghai Airport Authority Shanghai Metro

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