4th ShanghaiTech-SIAIS BioForum

Advances and Perspectives in Integrative Biology of Cellular Processes

The general theme of the ShanghaiTech-SIAIS Bioforums is Advances in Integrative Biology of Cellular Processes. They discuss new developments in cellular systems that include membrane proteins, macromolecular machines, cellular pathways, and host-pathogen interactions, as well as the visualizing of cellular processes using cutting-edge technologies. Within the general theme, each Bioforum places special emphasis on a specific topic, which in the 4th Bioforum will be "Life and Death of Proteins".

Organizing Committee

Ernesto Carafoli - Padova (Chair)

Richard Lerner - La Jolla

Ian Wilson - La Jolla

Biao Jiang - Shanghai

Guang Yang - Shanghai

Mingqiang Zhang - Shanghai

Local Administration

  Administration Office : Xiaojun Shao, Bing Chen
  IT & WebSite Support : Francesco Zonta, Ke Song, Wei Wang


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